米妮J. 史密斯奖学金

这个奖项 was established in 1962 by family and friends as a tribute to Minnie J. 史密斯, 已故靠谱电子游艺网站教授,古典文学系主任, 为学院服务了三十多年的人. The 奖学金 is awarded each year to a student who is a member of one of the three upper classes, 平均绩点保持在3分.0分或以上,主修人文学科.


This 奖学金, established in 1978 by their children, honors Harry 史密斯, the brother of Minnie J. 史密斯, 还有他的妻子, 汉娜·约翰逊·史密斯, 对高等教育保持浓厚兴趣的教师. The 奖学金 is awarded each year to a student who is a member of one of the three upper classes, 平均绩点保持在3分.0分或以上,主修人文学科.


Awarded each year to a rising junior who has a cumulative grade point average of 3.他的专业是英语.


This 奖学金 was funded by Marjorie Hedrick Bailey C’20, a Salem graduate and French major. It recognizes a student majoring in modern language for overall academic excellence and for outstanding work in her major language.

Dorris Collie Hall奖学金

这个奖项 honors a first-year student with 领导 potential who has made a positive contribution to the life of the Salem community, 保持了高质量的学术工作, 并表现出对学院理想的欣赏.

H.A. 福尔奖(学生和教师)

H.A. 福尔奖是由靠谱电子游艺网站长期受托人的子女设立的. The Pfohl 奖 are given annually in two categories: $500 to a senior student who exemplifies strong campus citizenship, 道德品质, 忠诚, and effective service to the College; and $1,向服务良好的教员颁发奖金, 忠诚, 道德品质, 有效的教学.


每五年一次, 学院任命靠谱电子游艺网站杰出教授, 授予终身教授的荣誉, full-time faculty member who holds the rank of associate or full professor and who has served the College for at least five years. 该奖项的评选标准是教学质量, 奖学金, 领导, 为学院社区服务.

凯瑟琳B. Rondthaler奖

1951年,靠谱电子游艺网站学院校友会成立了凯瑟琳B. 朗德塞勒奖,纪念靠谱电子游艺网站第十二任总统的妻子. 这些奖项旨在表彰那些在艺术创作中表现出色的学生, 音乐, 编排, 诗歌, 和散文.


由1971届毕业生创立, 这个奖是为了纪念他们的同学而颁发的, 南希·海耶斯, 毕业前夕死于一场车祸. 被选中的人体现了对教学的热情, 对孩子的爱, 致力于小学儿童的教育, 以及与孩子相处的能力,以及灌输对学习的热爱.


Through this award, the Class of 1976 hoped to encourage support of student art. 每两年一次, this cash award is presented to the junior or senior whose work is judged to be superior. The winning piece of art becomes the property of 靠谱电子游艺网站 and a part of Salem’s collection.


The Omicron Delta Kappa National 领导 Honor Society Outstanding Teacher Award honors a professor each year who carries out the society’s value of 领导 and service in extracurricular activities to encourage development of general campus citizenship.


这个奖项 recognizes the upperclassman student-athlete letter winner with the highest cumulative grade point average.


These honors are awarded to outstanding students each year by the 女校友 Association. 每个专业授予一名大三或大四学生, 基于高学术成就的, 总体保持至少3分.平均成绩0分,3分.2 .在本专业工作.

Penelope Niven创意写作奖

成立于1998年,由Pauline Sims Medlin捐赠, 她是女性作家中心董事会的成员, 这个奖项授予佩内洛普·尼文, 从1997年到2009年在靠谱电子游艺网站学院担任驻校作家. The award recognizes outstanding work by a junior or senior in creative writing.

Lucy Bramlette Patterson创意写作奖

这个奖项 was established in 2002 to honor a distinguished Salem alumna whose life interests included a passion for creative writing. The award recognizes a student with a minor in creative writing who has submitted an outstanding portfolio of work.


这个奖项, 是为了纪念辛西娅·洛文·麦克阿瑟而建立的, 每年颁发给主修或辅修历史的大四学生, 美国研究, 或者艺术史. 获胜者必须保持至少3分.6 overall grade point average and has demonstrated her promise as a history scholar through independent study or honors work and has demonstrated a significant contribution to the Salem community through involvement in campus organizations.


由Phi Alpha Theta荣誉协会赞助, 该奖项旨在表彰在历史领域崭露头角的杰出学者, 政治科学, 或者国际关系.


This honor is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in one of the four disciplines in the science division, 谁的平均成绩达到了3分.0或更高. The recipient must exemplify citizenship and 奖学金 by participating in the activities sponsored by the Women in Science and Mathematics Program, 她必须在课堂和研究中表现出很强的学识.


The Sophisteia奖 for traditional-age students is a gift to 靠谱电子游艺网站 from the Class of 1978, 和1973届毕业生一起. Established in 1978, it is presented to the senior graduate with the highest G.P.A. 四年以上. 弗勒中心学生的索菲亚奖, 由《靠谱电子游艺网站》校友俱乐部创立, 荣誉授予取得最高G分的弗勒中心毕业生.P.A. 全日制学生必须在靠谱电子游艺网站学习至少两年, 靠谱电子游艺网站学院对学生的高标准和要求.


Established in 1988 by Sarah Fulcher this award is given to an upper-class student displaying outstanding qualities of 领导. The recipient will have impacted the College or wider community and demonstrated tenacity and determination; the ability to make decisions and implement them; the ability to communicate clearly and effectively; and integrity, 忠诚, 和奉献精神.


授予真正体现靠谱电子游艺网站精神的高年级学生(或高年级学生). Award winners conduct their day-to-day lives as adult learners at Salem with passion and compassion, 逻辑和情感, 智慧与优雅.


给n to a senior or seniors who truly exemplify the spirit of Salem in all that she/he does. The recipients conduct their day-to-day lives as adult learners here at Salem with passion and compassion, 逻辑和情感, 智慧与优雅. 他们是所有靠谱电子游艺网站学生的杰出榜样.


这个奖是颁给体现这种精神的学生的, 热情, and concern for fellow students that was characteristic of Carroll Lennon C’69. 获奖者由学生政府官员组成的委员会选出, 教务长, 以及她的员工代表.

克拉克一. 汤姆逊社区服务奖

这是为了纪念已故的博士. 克拉克一. Thompson for his years of dedicated service to the College and to the larger community, this award recognizes a Salem student who has made a substantial commitment to volunteer community service beyond course requirements.


Established in 1925 by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation (formerly the New York Southern Society) these awards recognize the continuing influence and noble characteristics of high-minded individuals with distinctive qualities and whose spiritual standards are representative of the awarding institution. 靠谱电子游艺网站 was selected by the Foundation to make these student awards beginning in 2002 in any year when an exceptional student or students meet the qualifications and characteristics.


这个奖是颁给表现出勇气的后进生的, 幽默感, 以及安·韦弗特有的谦逊品质. This student is known for facilitating harmonious relationships within the 靠谱电子游艺网站 community and maintains high academic standards. 是为了纪念安·麦克弗森·韦弗而设立的.


The 靠谱电子游艺网站开拓者奖 recognizes women who make paradigm-shifting contributions to our world, 为所有女性开辟新的道路. 由校董会酌情决定, the award is presented at Commencement to up to three trailblazing women and may include alumnae and/or graduating seniors.